Experienced Sales/Marketing Technology Executive, Brand Strategist, Analytics Guru & Entrepreneur.

I grew up doing sales. When my father failed as an early NuSkin distributor, my summer as a 12 year old was spent going door to door hawking samples  of NuSkin products. I have made my career as a sales and marketing professional with successful startups that I grew from no revenue to millions per year. I enjoy breaking down and understanding the process of successful sales workflows. My recent focus has been learning and mastering digital marketing with an emphasis on content-driven inbound marketing.  I love optimizing marketing and sales systems and creating improved efficiencies that unlock revenue potential in organizations. In today’s sales environment, marketing is critical to the sales process and old mindsets of sales being driven by top-shelf closers is an unsustainable and archaic strategy for scaling revenue. Marketing and sales don’t exist in separate silos and should flow into each other and support one other because when they align and complement the other and are enabled by automation technology that’s when I see skyrocketing results that are truly scalable.

I am a strong advocate for keeping the focus on your customer. It’s crazy how many organizations lose sight of who their customers are and what drives customer purchasing behavior. Knowing your customer’s buyer personas and their pain points is a must-have for successful marketing and sales execution.

I am a growth hacker, a marketer, a salesman, a strategist, a team builder, a trainer, a coach and an educator who focuses on defining strategic product positioning, bridging gaps between marketing intent and actual sales results. My experience is primarily with small to medium size business dealing with B2B/B2C SaaS and E-commerce.





Work Skills.


I have a unique skill set that combines successful experience in not only  sales and marketing but also in the creative aspects required to successfully execute a beginning to end revenue solution.

We live in a world where everything is now digital. Websites are the heart of company identities and because up to 70% of the buyer journey is completed before a buyer ever reaches out to a company — digital engagement, branding, design, strategy, content and purpose needs to be a top priority.


I grew up with old-school interruption marketing as the primary strategy to engage perspective customers. After an immersive education and practical experience of creating, managing and evaluating dozens of digital marketing campaigns and learning from the data-driven feedback — I am now a strong advocate of permission marketing that recognizes the effect technology has had on the evolution of the buying process.  The buyer is in control with 70% of the buyer’s journey complete before a buyer even reaches out to sales (SiriusDecisions).

03. SALES.

Effective sales is about delivering solutions that solve problems. The easier you can solve a problem, the faster you’ll generate sales — love your customers and they will love you; there is no more powerful sales asset than having customers act as brand ambassadors for your products and services.



What to expect.

  • I am transparent, I do what I say, and act with integrity in all my interactions.
  • I share with honesty my successes and failures, and I always prioritize organizational welfare above my own.
  • I am responsible for all my actions and resulting outcomes. I focus on finding solutions and achieving results.
  • I embrace the belief that I determine my own destiny.
  • I value openness and curiosity to learn from anyone, anywhere at any time.
  • I seek and provide honest feedback. I am open to personal change and continuous improvement.
  • I learn from mistakes and successes in equal measure.
  • I seek to continually simplify and improve processes, procedures and activities.
  • I work across organizational boundaries/levels and break down internal barriers.
  • I deal with people and issues directly and openly.
  • I prize results over form.
  • Data determines results. I am data-driven and believe results can always improve.
  • I help people to be their best by providing coaching and feedback.
  • I work with others as a team to accomplish results and win.



Every client chases revenue.

“Any company would be lucky to have you work with them.”


“Alain is one of those rare leaders who impresses with his intelligence and ability to see the big picture. Not only does he inspire complete faith and confidence, but also proves time and time again that he is worthy of it.”


“Alain is a business innovator whose leadership and passion are impressive. He has the great ability to communicate ideas and plans which generate belief and understanding in his clients and associates. He also has the vision to see business opportunities where others may fear to venture. I appreciate the time we have spent working side by side over the past several years!”





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